Study at SMA

When and where does teaching take place?

Sheffield  Music Academy takes place at Birkdale Senior School in Sheffield on Saturdays during term-time from 8.30am-5.00pm, though timetables will vary according to each student’s needs.


Can I afford to join?

Fees are discussed once your tailored timetable is confirmed. Any student can apply to study with us no matter what their personal circumstances or background. Through a limited number of government funded bursaries, we provide the means for eligible students to receive high-quality music education without the worry of financial restraints. Grants are means tested and are often over-subscribed.


Am I good enough to join?

You will need to be naturally proficient and have the commitment and dedication to developing your skills to their full potential – learning at SMA is intensive and requires your full attention. You do not need to possess a certain grade or a specific formal education achievement, your ability will be assessed through audition with our Music Director Martin Cropper and your acceptance to SMA will be based upon your potential and enthusiasm, not just current achievement.


Will the classes suit my needs?

Every student at the Sheffield Music Academy receives individual support and a tailored timetable that will allow them to develop and grow as individuals.

Sheffield Music Academy provides specialist one-to-one instrumental tuition and the opportunity to join our junior and senior choirs, play in large and small ensembles and take part in specialist group classes. Students also have access to general musicianship training; including aural, theory and composition.

You do not have to take your one-to-one instrumental lessons at Sheffield Music Academy in order to attend.

Find out more about the classes we offer here.


Who will be teaching me?

There are a variety of individual instrumental tutors and group teachers at SMA. Take a look at our Tutors page to find out more about them.





Sheffield Music Academy is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of our students, staff and visitors. View our safeguarding policy here.



How would the experience help me to gain musical confidence?

With over 40 opportunities for public performances a year and access to specialist master-classes, workshops and expert tuition, the Sheffield Music Academy supports students looking to develop skills, grow in self-confidence, and maximise their natural talent and passion for music with like minded individuals, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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What will happen after I graduate from Sheffield Music Academy?

Sheffield Music Academy gives students the platform in which to grow as musicians, enabling them, if they choose, to go on to self-sustaining careers in music.  Many of our graduates go on to study music at University or Conservatoire, and all take with them a love for music from their time at the Academy.

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How can I apply?

You can apply at any time of year and auditions will take place throughout the year. Applications made mid-academic year may be processed with a view of the student attending the following September.

To apply fill in and send us your application forms and we will be in touch with you to arrange a visit. After your visit, you may be invited to audition. If you are successful at audition, then you will be provided with a bursary form.

To apply please click here.